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The Life of Dr. Royal Rife

Rife Beam Ray

Who was Dr. Royal Raymond Rife?

Royal Raymond Rife was born in 1888. He was a gifted scientist, studying bacteriology at John Hopkins University, the University of Heidelberg and at his own laboratory. The University of Heidelberg awarded him an honorary doctorate degree. A brilliant and inquisitive man, Dr. Rife master many different scientific disciplines. Whenever he wanted to perform a new task, he simply invented the necessary instrument to do it. Today, in the fields of biochemistry, radiochemistry, optics, ballistics, electronics and aviation, it is reported that some of his technologies are still used.

Well Equipped Laboratories

It is believed that Dr. Royal Rife had one of the best equipped laboratories for his time where he designed technologies and built the machines that he needed. His equipment:

  • a million volt X-Ray machine
  • electronic test equipment
  • frequency instruments
  • glass blowing equipment
  • microscopes
  • drill presses
  • mills
  • precision lathes
  • all the tools he could possible have needed to make his instruments
  • a stop motion microscope which he used to study the life of microorganisms from their creation to their death

It is reported that he had a room where he performed surgery on animals and a pathology room equipped with all types of microscopes, including virus microscopes which he had designed and built himself to use in his research.

His Laboratories

Reports are that Doctor Rife had his laboratories located in various parts of the United States. His Laboratories were:

  • The Rife Research Laboratory
  • The Point Loma Lab
  • The Rife Virus Microscope Institute
  • A microscope and dark room facility
  • Three human research clinics. The first of these was under the oversight of a special medical research team at the University of Southern California, set up to observe the Rife technology used on people in the last stage of terminal cancer.
Rife Technology


Invisible Microbes Become Visible

It is widely accepted that Royal R Rife began to experiment with the effects of electronic frequencies on viruses and bacteria in 1920. He learned how to make microbes, which were invisible using any other technology, to be visible. He illuminated each microbe's unique resonance frequency with the light frequency that matched it. They glowed when he did this. Electron microscopes were not useful in viewing viruses because the viruses are killed instantly.

World's First Virus Microscope

The world's first microscope capable of viewing viruses was reportedly built by Royal Raymond Rife. He was thereby able to study these viruses in their living environment. By 1933, he had built the Universal Microscope. It was amazingly complex, with nearly 6,000 parts. He claimed that this microscope could magnify objects up to 60,000 times.

Changing Virus

Dr Rife reported that he observed viruses being "released from bacteria just as a chicken lays an egg." And he reported that a virus could change into another virus form and them back again to its original form. The change was dependant upon which medium it grew in.

How Diseases are Produced in the Body

Royal Rife went so far as to claim that any disease could be produced by the chemical constituents of a virus enacting upon an unbalanced cell metabolism in the body. In his experiments with animals, he said he was able to produce all the symptoms of a disease without inoculating and virus of bacteria into the animal.

The BX Cancer Virus

Dr. Rife is said to have isolated a microbe that he named the BX cancer virus in 1931. He named it that because it was so small it could pass through the finest filter available then. Today, it would not be called a virus, based on the current standards. He was able to use this virus to produce cancer.

Viruses and Bacteria Were Destroyed

As Dr. Rife was observing the formally invisible microbes by using the light frequency that matched their unique resonance frequency, he reported that he was actually able to destroy them. He explained that as he intensified the frequencies, they either burst or became inanimate. By this method, using what he called the Beam Ray Machine, he reported that he could selectively destroy these viruses and bacteria. He subjected them to a version of their own resonant frequency so intense that they burst. This process can be observed when an opera singer hits the right note at an intense enough frequency that a wine glass will shatter.

Dr Royal Raymond Rife spent his life researching and developing machines and technology to cure cancer and  other kinds of diseases.

The End to All Diseases

Dr. Rife's amazing discoveries were not going unnoticed. It is reported that in November of 1931, Dr. Milbank Johnson, who was the director of the Southern California American Medical Association, honored Royal Rife at a banquet held at his estate in Pasadena, California. Forty-four of the US's most respected medical authorities attended. The banquet was called "The End to All Diseases."

Was Cancer Actually Healed?

It is reported that in 1934, the University of Southern California appointed a Special Medical Research Committee, made up of doctors and pathologists. They were to bring sixteen terminally ill cancer patients, in the last stage of their cancer, from the Pasadena County Hospital to Dr. Rife's laboratory in San Diego where they were to be treated with the Rife technology. The committee was to examine them in 90 days if they were still alive. Amazingly, after 90 days, it is reported that the committee concluded that 14 of the patients had been completely cured. Treatment for the remaining two was adjusted and intensified. Within the next four weeks, it is reported that they were also declared cured.

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